Summer of Zombies Featured

Summer of Zombie 2016 Blog Tour Schedule

May 16, 2016

Join us for the Summer of Zombie tour #SummerZombie Wed, June 1 Tour post Who is Driving this Thing? (and everyone trapped inside) The Round Robin Story the tour authors are writing – part one “The Worst Day to Get Lucky” Thurs, June 2 Tour post The Familiar and the New Spotlight on Armand Rosamilia … Read more

The Enemy Held Near

We Are All Haunted by Armand Rosamilia

March 24, 2016

I totally stole the title to this post from Jay Wilburn, my co-writer for The Enemy Held Near, a ghost story/haunted house/family conflict novel. CHECK OUT THE BOOK ===> HERE!!! He started using #WeAreAllHaunted on Twitter and Facebook and it really hit me when I first saw it, because there are so many layers to … Read more

The Walking Dead

My List of Top Ten Best Walking Dead Episodes

February 25, 2016

Warning: Some possible spoilers ahead. I try to discuss episodes in a way that does not ruin anything, but consider yourself warned. I know lists like this are subjective. I am a fan and a writer of zombie fiction. I am a full time writer. I have written multiple zombie novels. I have an ongoing … Read more

The Dead Song Legend Series