Wallace Featured

The Case for James Wallace

June 29, 2016

by Jay Wilburn James Wallace is the author of the Zombie Theorem series. The two books out so far follow a few key characters that have to go from ordinary to extraordinarily heroic during an outbreak sweeping over San Francisco. In book one and then leading into book two, the characters discover that there is … Read more

Mark Ailes Feattured

The Case for Mark Cusco Ailes

June 29, 2016

by Jay Wilburn Mark Cusco Ailes is looking to conquer the literary and genre world with the help of his brother Derek. They blasted into my world as I was looking through the work of authors interested in this year’s Summer of Zombie tour. There was a lot of material to look through with both … Read more

Summer of Zombies Featured

The Case for C. A. Verstraete

June 29, 2016

by Jay Wilburn My first introduction to C. A. Verstraete was through Girl Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie. The novel is told from the perspective of a teenage girl that is struggling with some of those typical issues, but also with the fact that she is part human and part zombie. With Lizzie … Read more

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