Farm or Costco … Does it really matter?

November 19, 2017

by James D Dean This actually is an extension of a question that was asked during my time as the host of Zombie Book of the Month club.  One reader asked a simple question, why are there so many authors that believe that a farm is the perfect stronghold to… Read more

In this issue of Zombopolitan Magazine … What kind of zompoc reader are you?!

November 19, 2017

by Chris Philbrook In this issue of Zombopolitan Magazine…. What kind of zompoc reader are you?! We took a survey of a few people who reader the zombie genre, and came up with these handy-dandy reader categories! Which are you?! The Prepper: You only read post-apocalyptic fiction looking at it… Read more

Teaser from Middletown 3: Metal Apocalypse – Jack Wallen’s story

November 19, 2017

ONE Five days and a Coke Binge Ago “I’m telling you, straight up, FLXS does not stand for For Love of Existential Sex.” “That’s right, ladies and gents, you heard it here on WXVX first—straight from the source’s mouth. That’s Jon F., the singer for the hottest metal band in… Read more

Zombies Are Alive and Well

November 18, 2017

by Grivante Yes, we know they are dead, but the genre as a whole continues to thrive. What started for many with the “of the dead” series by George Romero and more modernly brought into the spotlight by Robert Kirkman’s “The Walking Dead” is now a robust and dynamic genre… Read more

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