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Fast and Dirty Christmas Shopping List for Horror fans

December 2, 2016

by Jay Wilburn We could list off every book that has been released this year. I could also list off all the stuff I’ve done which I might profit from. I’ll do that too in the second half of the list because it is my list, but I’ll break the first half of the list … Read more

Thad David & JL Koszarek | Divide Then Conquer Book 1 | Winter of Zombie 2016

“Birth of a Zombie” a bonus story by Thad David & JL Koszarek #WinterZombie

November 30, 2016

by Thad David and JL Koszarek Sarah Grace looked down at her new born baby, her only baby, sleeping on her chest as she rocked back and forth in the chair her parents had given them.  She had always dreamed it would feel this good but never thought she would have this chance.  She was … Read more

Jaime Johnesee | Bob the Tacoholic | Winter of Zombie 2016

“TPS Reports and Zombies” a bonus story by Jaime Johnesee #WinterZombie

November 30, 2016

by Jaime Johnesee She crouched in the corner of her cubicle hoping they wouldn’t see her, praying soundlessly that they couldn’t hear her heart beating over the loud cpu fan at her desk above her. They didn’t seem to be looking at anything in particular but noises and smells seemed to excite them. She’d been … Read more


Summary of Winter of Zombie 2016 Riding off Into The Sunset Destroying the Evidence Leave it All Behind post #WinterZombie

November 30, 2016

by Jay Wilburn We have reached the end of another tour, but our favorite undead monster keeps finding strength in numbers and keeps shambling on and on and on and … I want to thank Armand Rosamilia for trusting me to take the reins of the tours he worked so hard over so many years … Read more

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