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10 things my kids have done that creep me out

Stuff my kids have done that creep me out – Therapy may be called for, but I’d rather just see what happens!


10) Suddenly appearing in the room staring at me.


9) Waking up to them standing over me staring.


8) Pretending to eat imaginary food and then pretending to feed invisible people.


7) Suddenly looking up from the floor, leaning out to look around my chair, waving, and whispering “bye bye” to something behind me.


6) Waking up to the sound of screaming in the middle of the night


5) Asking me if I think ghosts are hungry.


4) Walking up and talking to a blank wall.


3) Telling me they dreamed someone took their face off and stuck it on our wall.


2) Using a plastic fork and knife to pretend to cut up and eat my leg.


1) Whispering in the back seat, “But I don’t want to kill daddy.” “What?” I said. “Nothing,” he answers, “I’m just playing.”

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