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Jay Wilburn lives with his wife and two sons in beautiful Conway, South Carolina. He is a full-time writer of horror and speculative fiction. Jay left his job as a teacher to become a full time writer and has never looked back. Well, that’s not entirely true. He wants to be sure he isn’t being followed, so he looks back sometimes. He does everything he can to burn bridges behind him to keep from running back to safe places. Probably not the best plan, but he’s making it work.

Jay Wilburn received a life-saving living donor kidney transplant in February 2017 and is working through all the medical particulars of this new life. He credits his donor, family, friends, and generous strangers for his survival and new life.

Jay Wilburn is currently working on a twelve book series: The Dead Song Legend Dodecology. In addition to each book that will have cover and interior art by Luke Spooner, each book in the series will have an accompanying soundtrack of songs recorded as if live in the apocalyptic world of the novels by the characters themselves. The Legend will come alive visually and through the music/ radio plays.

Wilburn’s work appears in a wide range of publications and genre including his novels The Great Interruption and Time Eaters. His coauthored novel The Enemy Held Near with Armand Rosamilia is drawing a lot of attention. Read a sample of that ghost story here. He has stories in Shadows Over Mainstreet, Fat Zombie, Best Horror of the Year volume 5, and Zombies: More Recent Dead. Check out those works and others that might be to your taste here.

He is a columnist for Dark Moon Digest. He has regular blogs here on his site for your entertainment and edification. He records videos about his work, the industry, other authors, and various topics of interest live on his author page, on the event pages during the zombie tours, and on his YouTube channel. He is the current host extraordinaire for the Summer of Zombie blog tour each June and the Winter of Zombie blog tour each November. Zombie authors with new releases dropping shortly before either of these events that are interested in being featured authors on the tour should apply now to express interest.

He is the host of the Matters of Faith Podcast on Project Entertainment Network.

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