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Be All You Can Be … As a Zombie — Rebecca Besser #SummerZombie

by Rebecca Besser

If and when a zombie apocalypse takes place, most of the human population will become zombies. It’s the truth. It’s what’s going to happen.

It’s going to be pure madness.

It’s going to be sheer chaos.

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It’s going to happen in the middle of life, when people are at work, when people are just going about their everyday routines.

So, imagine all the weird, dangerous zombies there could and would probably be wandering about, doing interesting things while they’re trying to eat humans.

Imagine with me a group of lumberjacks that get bitten in the woods and they go about their business until they turn.  Or even lumberjacks at a competition, surrounded by a crowd of people.

What would happen if zombies were wandering around with a running chainsaw?

Can you imagine the chaos, the damage, and the bloody gore that would ensue?

It would be…epic!

There would be limbs flying, people going down left and right as they panic and jostle each other in their rush to get away!

Imagine welders with torches burning turned into zombies, dentists with drills zombies, doctors with scalpels zombies, construction works with jackhammers or nail guns zombies… The list could go on and on from dangerous to funny to obscene.

This leads me to ask: What kind of killer, badass zombie would you like to be if you were to become a zombie?

It’ll all depend on what you’re doing at the time… What do you want to be doing?

Will you be swinging an axe? Will you be using a chainsaw? Will you be naked, sitting in a beanbag chair, eating snacks? Will you be at the butcher’s shop, getting meat? Will you be the butcher with the knife in your hand? Will you be the one waiting in line for your specialty coffee? Will you be taking a shower? Will you be having sex? Will you be cooking supper? Will you be tending a fire? Will you be rescuing a kitten from a tree?

There will be infinite activities that people will be doing all over the world when tragedy hits – some dangerous and some benign.

It’s something to think about when you know most of the population will fall victim to the zombie apocalypse. Since most of us will become zombies, we should at least consider doing cool stuff that could make us badass zombies, right?

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So, tell me… What kind of zombie would you like to be if you could be all that you could be as a zombie?

You can tell me below, in the comments of this blog post or in the comments in the thread of this post in the Summer of Zombie 2017 event!

The most creative answers, that I like, will be awarded with an ebook copy of Zpoc Exception Series: Re-Civilize: Elaine.


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