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Jekyll Island Comic Con Preview

by Jay Wilburn

I’m very excited to be joining Armand Rosamilia and Chuck Buda at Jekyll Island Comic Con on December 10 – 11. Chuck Buda is driving down from Jersey a couple days before. He’s picking me up and then we are on our way down to Jacksonville to spend some time before, during, and after the convention with Armand and Shelly Rosamilia.


Throughout the convention from December 8 through December 12, I’ll be posting from and about the trip regularly through the day on my author page. Feel free to follow along from there.

During the convention, we will likely record a podcast. I imagine it will be a special episode of The Mando Method with cohosts Armand Rosamilia and Chuck Buda on Project Entertainment Network. It will be special because they will both be together in the same room and because they rarely have guests. Frank Edler messed that up once by being a guest recently, so I suppose it is not really that special. Frank Edler sloppy seconds are the worst!


I’m also looking forward to hanging out with the Hands. We’ll get to see Subculture Corsets and Clothing in person. You know they have Armand Rosamilia books there including The Enemy Held Near?


Jekyll Island Con is a new one for me. I appreciate Armand inviting me along to join in. My schedule in 2017 for conventions is pretty scant because of the uncertainty with my health. I have Scares That Care locked in for July, but there is no telling what may happen between now and then. We have to take what comes as it comes. I’m glad to have a chance to spend time with friends and interact with fans and readers old and new one more time. I’m also glad that Chuck Buda decided to get a table down there so that we all get to hangout and sell together.

I also understand there will be an epic taco bar one night. The rest of the convention goings on hardly matter after that.

Looking forward to it all. I’ll do an after post wrap-up as well, but follow along all weekend and we’ll keep you up and involved in all the fun.


Thanks for reading, everyone!

— Jay Wilburn

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