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The Dead Song Legend Book 2: February


The Dead Song Legend is a zombie series by Jay Wilburn. This listing is for a signed copy.

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“This land has seen more than its share of blood. The soil has drunk it up in battles and from the deadly hunger of the undead. Brothers and sisters have fallen in the fights seen here, including my own, and we honor them by remembering what happened here, but also by moving past it. I want to include Tiny Jones in that memory. He is the stuff of legend now, bigger than his physical stature, but he was also a real man with a real life. He was here and I knew him. I saw what he did with my own eyes. Even by my own witness, it seems too fantastic to believe. He may well have saved us all from ourselves and from the zombies.”

—Senator Brokenoak, Maggie Valley Reconciliation Conference

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