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The Dead Song Legend Book 1: January


The Dead Song Legend is a zombie series by Jay Wilburn. This listing is for a signed copy.

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“In a world where Twilight has the balls to call itself a ‘saga’, I think it’s time to take a step away from that word. I go to a book store and see a book proclaiming to be the first in a dodecology, I’m gonna buy that book just cuz the author decided to throw down that gauntlet from the start.—Indy McDaniel, author of Nady’s Nights: Road to Vengence Truth is lost in legends and legends grow over time. They grow because we need them to be bigger and we need them to explain the things we fear. We write them for ourselves and for our world. The Dead Song Legend of Tiny “Mud Music” Jones has captured the imagination of everyone that survived the apocalypse even as he captured the music of the survivors and the music that helped us all to survive.”

—B.B. Tarmancula, Dead World Memorial Dedication.

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