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The Dead Song Legend Book 3: March


The Dead Song Legend is a zombie series by Jay Wilburn. This listing is for a signed copy.

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“Tiny Jones didn’t know me from Adam. He walked into where they were keeping me and he put down a list with my name on it. When they wouldn’t let me go, he killed them and fought his way out with me under his arm. I lived the rest of my life free because he demanded my freedom. I know he is controversial and some people don’t believe in him, but I know. Some saviors go as a lamb to the slaughter; some come in like the lion and bring the slaughter.”

—Samson Samples, The Trial of Abbott Caradog

“Jay Wilburn manages to take us on an epic ride of horror . . . only the horror doesn’t get in the way of seeing into what remains of the humanity. I loved this book. I loved the characters in this book. I loved Jay’s style and grace with which he handles what lesser writers would have turned into a hack and slash fest of one-liners and bad puns. Jay’s a class act and it shines through in his writing. Read The Dead Song Legend Dodecology or you’re dead to the world of fine post apocalyptic literature.”

—Jack Wallen, author of the I Zombie series.

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