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Signed Copies

I’ve had enough people ask for signed copies of books that I can justify opening an online store on my website. If you go check it out, you will find my current works available with signatures. I also have a wide range of rare and out of print books that you can get signed copies of while supplies last. Novels, anthologies, and more! Paypal and credit card options are available right here on the website and I’ll mail them your way. You can get flat signed or personalized. You can get a specific personalized message as a gift for someone special or I can get creative. Creative with words is what I do after all.

Over the next few weeks we will have sponsor authors that will be pitching their support behind my online store. First up, D Alexander Ward will be a sponsor and have a nice bonus gift for buyers during his week. There will be an upcoming blog post in which I will share some of the great things this creative force in the horror genre has going on. That blog will also announce the special gift he has for a few lucky readers.

Be looking for that post and announcement on my Jay Wilburn author page on Facebook and at JayWilburn.com coming up here soon.