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Spelling Words: The Struggle is Real

I had trouble reading when I was I kid. I was in the low reading group until about middle school. I learned to enjoy reading on my own and even read The Hobbit in fourth grade, but I struggled to read out loud. Once you were placed in the low reading group in the 70’s and 80’s, it was tough to climb back out. Spelling words were a weekly torture for me and my spelling is still not great today. It is something I have to be conscious about as a writer.

My older son is in fourth grade and really struggles with reading and spelling too. He hasn’t quite snagged onto the love of reading like I did. Not yet. We have to push on those spelling words to get a passing grade. It is a tough combination of pushing him and encouraging him. It is a lot of both.

We have taken to the system of hitting the words hard on Monday and gradually getting easier as we close in on Friday. I have to keep telling him that today will be easier than yesterday. Each good grade builds his confidence again, but then we have to push hard on Monday all over again.

I honestly could give a crap about his spelling words. I know he forgets them ten seconds after the test. I want him to see his hard work can get him results. I really want him to love reading, so I don’t want that part of the process to be a chore for him.

I’ll keep you posted …