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Spotlight On Armand Rosamilia #SummerZombie

by Jay Wilburn

Jay Wilburn: Thank you for having me at your home for this interview. Tell everyone your name. They can’t see you.

Armand Rosamilia: Armand Rosamilia

Rosamilia pic author

Jay: Good so far. About your latest release …

Rosamilia: Okay, I have to ask. Why are you naked? It’s distracting and my family is coming over soon.

Jay: Because you told me that was the only way you’d agree to the interview. You asked for this. Demanded it practically. I drove all the way to Florida like this!

Rosamilia: Um, no, I did not. I NEVER asked for this. No. Noooo.

Jay: *scrolls through phone while naked* Oh, I see what happened. I mixed up your and Chuck Buda’s messages. Well, no harm, so what’s your latest book?

Rosamilia: *mumbles* There’s a lot of harm … *full voice* Dying Days 8

Rosamilia pic cover dying 8

Jay: Tell people how book 8 changes the series. It’s an exciting story. I enjoyed it.

Rosamilia: Could you cross your legs at least? I have to eat later. I don’t want that image …

Jay: *crosses legs slowly* Tell us about the book Dying Days 8.

Rosamilia: Sometimes it’s not just the zombies in a post apocalyptic landscape that are the problem. As Darlene Bobich and the survivors try to rebuild and live another day, a new menace is coming at them from all angles. The zombie horde is coming, but will The Promised Land survive to see it?

Jay: Oh, I know. This is really good part of the book. See, in the book they …

Rosamilia: Don’t give it away. That was a teaser.

Jay: Oh, right, sorry.

Rosamilia: Can you wrap up in a towel maybe? That’s a nice couch.

Jay: *wraps up in the Wonder Woman blanket … slowly* Tell us about your main character and where she is as we follow her in book 8.

Rosamilia: Darlene Bobich, affectionately known as The Zombie Killer. She started off as a timid, panic-stricken slightly overweight woman who was just trying to survive. By the time we get to Dying Days 8 she’s… well, something different entirely.

Jay: Your zombies have gone through some changes too.

Rosamilia: Readers have seen the evolution of my zombies from mindless creatures to monsters who begin to retain awareness for who they were and the world around them, but they’re really pissed about it.

Jay: Understandably. Who influenced you as a zombie writer?

RosamiliaThe Rising by Brian Keene was a huge influence on my zombie writing. It let me know you could do something different with zombies. Also, Jay Wilburn. Just because … he’s Jay Wilburn.

Jay: My eyes are up here. You’re at an interesting stage with book 8 and then with book 9 on the way.

Rosamilia: Dying Days 8 offers answers to a few burning questions in the series, all while setting up the final book in the series … conveniently titled Dying Days 9 (coming in November during Winter of Zombie, if Jay Wilburn finds it in his heart to include me on the tour).

Jay: Well, try not to screw it up and we’ll talk. I better not see “it was all a dream” or anything like that. What are your hopes for this in terms of the loyal readers who have followed the series this far?

Rosamilia: I hope longtime readers come away happy with another book in the series. This has been a great ride and I love writing these characters, but hope as it rushes to the conclusion and ending, readers will be satisfied.

Jay: Are you really offering Dying Days 8 for 99 cents right now?

Rosamilia: Especially for the Summer of Zombie tour. They can go ahead and grab book 8 and then go back to catch the earlier books, if they’re just getting started. Always excited to have new readers.

Jay: *opens Wonder Woman blanket to get his phone … slowly*

Rosamilia: Drop that blanket by the washer and get out of here. *Turns on an episode of Catfish and shivers*


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Jay Wilburn
Jay Wilburn has a Masters Degree in Education that goes mostly unused since he quit teaching to write about zombies. Jay writes horror because he tends to find the light by facing down the darkness. He finds the journey through life easier by having you join him. Jay is the author of 2 series: The Dead Song Legend and The Great Interruption. He cowrote The Enemy Held Near with Armand Rosamilia. You can also find Jay's work in Best Horror of the Year volume 5 and Dark Moon Digest. Each year Jay has the pleasure of featuring many great authors in the genre through the Summer and Winter of Zombie blog tours on his website.

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