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The Case for Alathia Paris Morgan #SummerZombie

by Jay Wilburn Alathia Paris Morgan stretches her writing between multiple genre, bringing a unique perspective and voice to each. As a result, when she writes a zombie story, it is something different and special. You can check out her first zombie story Infected Waters: A Titanic Disaster. Then, you can get a completely different …

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Video Evidence: The Best Stuff We Could on the Featured Authors Online #SummerZombie

by Jay Wilburn Do we want to embarrass the featured authors on the zombie tour? Generally, no. Some of them very much, but mostly no. For the most part they embarrass themselves more completely and regularly than we could ever hope to duplicate with even the vast resources of the Summer of Zombie global corporate …

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Teaser from MAZ: Moms Against Zombies by Alathia Paris Morgan #SummerZombie

“Alathia Paris Morgan brings a different sensibility to writing about zombies. Both her zombie books so far show an amazing range even within the genre itself. No one could write the protagonist story in MAZ exactly like she did, so it is good that she told it.” — Jay Wilburn #CaptainThreeKidneys Excerpt from MAZ: Moms …

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Zombies: Flesh and Guts and Ewww — Alathia Paris Morgan #SummerZombie

by Alathia Paris Morgan The final thing that is supposed to ruin our society. The bringer of the end of the world is the Zombie Apocalypse, or so I’ve been told. There are many kinds of zombies: slow moving, fast moving, talking or rotting zombies, zombies of all varieties. We all tend to describe the …

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