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Teaser from Re-Civilize book 2: Elaine by Rebecca Besser

“Rebecca Besser is really putting her all into this series. Each book takes its time with characters, so when they end up together, we will know them intimately in the later books. This is a series I can’t help but to follow.” — Jay Wilburn #CaptainThreeKidneys Author Summary: Elaine is an average teen girl. All …

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Be All You Can Be … As a Zombie — Rebecca Besser #SummerZombie

by Rebecca Besser If and when a zombie apocalypse takes place, most of the human population will become zombies. It’s the truth. It’s what’s going to happen. It’s going to be pure madness. It’s going to be sheer chaos. It’s going to happen in the middle of life, when people are at work, when people …

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Spotlight On Rebecca Besser #SummerZombie

by Jay Wilburn Jay Wilburn: Thanks for having me over. Introduce yourself to everyone. And why are there so many goats? Rebecca Besser: Rebecca Besser. My son is breeding pygmy goats for a project. Jay: Man, they are everywhere. What’s the project? Besser: To take over the world with a cavalry of pygmy goats. Jay: …

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Rebecca Besser | Winter of Zombie 2016

Spotlight On Rebecca Besser #WinterZombie

Jay Wilburn: What’s your name and why are you here? Rebecca Besser: I’m Rebecca Besser and I’m here to talk about zombies. Jay: What have you written for us? Rebecca: Re-Civilize: Chad Jay: Yes! I’m excited about this new series. Tell us about it. Rebecca: A zpoc exception story: Some people are immune to the …

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