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Summer of Zombie 2017 Day 1: A Great Year to Return from the Dead

Summer of Zombie 2017 Day 1: A Great Year to Return from the Dead … by Jay Wilburn The Summer of Zombie 2017 blog tour kicks off today with another great slate of authors. We have many old friends, all new books, ongoing series, new adventures, seasoned zombie writers, new voices to the genre, classic …

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Summer of Zombie 2017 Blog Tour Master Schedule #SummerZombie

We have lots of great things in store this year for Summer of Zombie 2017. #SummerZombie June 1st Welcome to the tour! “A Great Year to Return from the Dead” “The Rest of the Mission” The first two chapters of the round robin story written by the featured authors. June 2nd Tour post “The New …

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Wilburn, Rosamilia, and Buda vs the Skunk Apes

by Jay Wilburn When I set out in the stolen car with New Jersey plates toward the frozen tundra of Northern Florida, I did not expect an adventure. What happened next will surprise you more than any clickbait you have read today. First, Chuck Buda brought my family New Jersey bagels. These are easily distinguished …

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Jekyll Island Comic Con Preview

by Jay Wilburn I’m very excited to be joining Armand Rosamilia and Chuck Buda at Jekyll Island Comic Con on December 10 – 11. Chuck Buda is driving down from Jersey a couple days before. He’s picking me up and then we are on our way down to Jacksonville to spend some time before, during, …

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