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Summary of Winter of Zombie 2016 Riding off Into The Sunset Destroying the Evidence Leave it All Behind post #WinterZombie

by Jay Wilburn We have reached the end of another tour, but our favorite undead monster keeps finding strength in numbers and keeps shambling on and on and on and … I want to thank Armand Rosamilia for trusting me to take the reins of the tours he worked so hard over so many years …

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The Case for PA Douglas | Winter of Zombie 2016

The Case For PA Douglas #WinterZombie

by Jay Wilburn PA Douglas has interesting stories to tell just from the life he has led even if he never put a word down on paper. He is quite a prolific writer though I think partly because he has a lot to say. His stories are interesting and engaging because he is still having …

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Cyber Monday Apocalyptic Shopping List #WinterZombie

by Jay Wilburn It’s Cyber Monday. Back when Internet shopping was new and magical, the Monday after Thanksgiving became the biggest online shopping day of the year. Now, we just call “online shopping” … shopping and we do it every Monday. Still, if you are recovered from your Black Friday shopping injuries, you may still …

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The Case for Dane Hatchell | Winter of Zombie 2016

The Case for Dane Hatchell #WinterZombie

by Jay Wilburn Dane Hatchell has a well-established career in horror and zombies in particular. Much of his work has a sci fi flare to it that I associate with my favorite adventure stories. His style is deep and thought provoking too though. The premises he tackles and the twists he puts on the genre …

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Black Friday Apocalyptic Gift List #WinterZombie

Welcome back to the Winter of Zombie tour. It is the day after American Thanksgiving. Traditionally, this is the day thankful people with their bellies full of turkey go out to the stores in the dark hours before they open and then trample their competition to get deals on stuff and things. Yikes!!! Some people …

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PA Douglas | Winter of Zombie 2016

Hidden Gems of the Genre #WinterZombie

by PA Douglas For most authors of the horror genre who write books about zombies, they have their beginnings as fans themselves. For most they lean toward movies like Day of the Dead, Dawn on the Dead, Night of the Living Dead, or the Return of the Living Dead series. And now today for younger …

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Dane Hatchell | Winter of Zombie 2016

A Reaction to Patient Zero by a Master of the Genre #WinterZombie

by Dane Hatchell I became caught up in the zombie craze several years ago reading anthologies. (Side note, many of the unknown authors back then went on to be popular novelist today). Short stories are a great way to sample tales of the undead. Time is always a precious commodity, and a reader only has …

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Hatchell & Douglas | Winter of Zombie 2016

Teaser from The End by Dane Hatchell and PA Douglas #WinterZombie

Get a first taste of the beginning of the exciting work THE END by Dane Hatchell and PA Douglas. After you finish, pick up the book! PROLOGUE Systematically taking each step as if it might be her last if she let her guard down, Sergeant Ashley Fox moved forward through the large, abandoned Sears building. …

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Election Day 2016 Apocalyptic Reading List #WinterZombie

by Jay Wilburn Depending on how this election goes, different portions of the nation and globe will be quite upset. Some think it is the end of the world. Whether the apocalypse begins now or just feels like it might, you want to have some good books by your side to guide you through those …

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Welcome to the Apocalypse 2016 #WinterZombie

by Jay Wilburn Winter of Zombie 2016 is underway. We are very excited to be part of helping you celebrate the apocalyptic possibilities represented in 2016. We are aware it is an election month here in the United States and many people are expecting a full on apocalypse depending on the results and your particular …

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