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The Era of the Zombie Parodies is Here — Derek Ailes #SummerZombie

by Derek Ailes As I’m writing this blog, a new zombie parody is being written by somebody out there with a new take on the zombie genre. Donald Trump, Zombie Hunter by Charlie Roberts and Monique Happy is one I recently downloaded and I’m planning on reading it after Zomcats! by Jack Strange. The last …

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Be All You Can Be … As a Zombie — Rebecca Besser #SummerZombie

by Rebecca Besser If and when a zombie apocalypse takes place, most of the human population will become zombies. It’s the truth. It’s what’s going to happen. It’s going to be pure madness. It’s going to be sheer chaos. It’s going to happen in the middle of life, when people are at work, when people …

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Jaime Johnesee | Winter of Zombie 2016

Spotlight On Jaime Johnesee #WinterZombie

Jay Wilburn: What do people call you?! Jaime Johnesee: Jaime Johnesee, but most folks call me JJ. Jay: I misspell your name a lot. JJ: It happens often. I don’t even notice anymore. Jay: What is your latest Bob adventure called? JJ: Bob the Tacoholic Jay: Incredible! JJ: Thank you. Jay: Describe the story for …

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The Case for Derek Ailes

by Jay Wilburn Derek Ailes is the brother of author Mark Cusco Ailes, but is an established author in his own right. Derek and Mark write together on a number of crazy projects, but create a body of work separate from each other as well. Derek says that Mark writes full-time while Derek fits his …

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