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The Case for PA Douglas | Winter of Zombie 2016

The Case For PA Douglas #WinterZombie

by Jay Wilburn PA Douglas has interesting stories to tell just from the life he has led even if he never put a word down on paper. He is quite a prolific writer though I think partly because he has a lot to say. His stories are interesting and engaging because he is still having …

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The Case for Dane Hatchell | Winter of Zombie 2016

The Case for Dane Hatchell #WinterZombie

by Jay Wilburn Dane Hatchell has a well-established career in horror and zombies in particular. Much of his work has a sci fi flare to it that I associate with my favorite adventure stories. His style is deep and thought provoking too though. The premises he tackles and the twists he puts on the genre …

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PA Douglas | Winter of Zombie 2016

Hidden Gems of the Genre #WinterZombie

by PA Douglas For most authors of the horror genre who write books about zombies, they have their beginnings as fans themselves. For most they lean toward movies like Day of the Dead, Dawn on the Dead, Night of the Living Dead, or the Return of the Living Dead series. And now today for younger …

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Dane Hatchell | Winter of Zombie 2016

A Reaction to Patient Zero by a Master of the Genre #WinterZombie

by Dane Hatchell I became caught up in the zombie craze several years ago reading anthologies. (Side note, many of the unknown authors back then went on to be popular novelist today). Short stories are a great way to sample tales of the undead. Time is always a precious commodity, and a reader only has …

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