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The Case for Rebecca Besser – WOZ 17

by Jay Wilburn Rebecca Besser has demonstrated her skill with both long and short fiction in multiple genre. Nurse Blood continues to be a stellar novel in body horror. Her Re-Civilize series creates great character and action stories in zombie lit. We are featuring her amazing short story found in the charity anthology Treasured Chests. …

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Be Prepared

by Rebecca Besser Regardless of whether the world falls apart in a zombie apocalypse, an epidemic, or an economic collapse, everyone should be prepared for the worst. Why? Because it’s better to have information and skills you don’t need than need information and skills you don’t have. For example, I learned how to butcher small …

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Teaser from “To Walk the Halls” by Rebecca Besser

This story appears in the charity anthology Treasured Chests: Cameron Gather lay on a narrow bed in a little room off the main emergency room ward at Saint Helen’s Hospital, absently rubbing her bulging stomach, waiting for the doctor to examine her. She stared up at the ceiling, breathing slowly like they’d taught her to …

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Spotlight On Rebecca Besser

*Jay Wilburn works his way through the slow moving vehicles and the thousands of ragtag warriors marching in uneven groups. Zombies approach the moving column from all sides. Gunmen on top of the vehicles take aim, but hold their fire. Wilburn is amazed at their discipline since many are mercenaries only fighting on the promise …

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