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Teaser from The Undead Pool: Dawn of Injustice by Derek Ailes #SummerZombie

“I first encountered Derek Ailes through short story and got a feel for his wild sense of humor. When he decided to parody the comic book universes with The Undead Pool, I wasn’t sure he could pull it off. Since then, Derek Ailes is moving quickly to establish himself as the leader in zombie and …

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The Era of the Zombie Parodies is Here — Derek Ailes #SummerZombie

by Derek Ailes As I’m writing this blog, a new zombie parody is being written by somebody out there with a new take on the zombie genre. Donald Trump, Zombie Hunter by Charlie Roberts and Monique Happy is one I recently downloaded and I’m planning on reading it after Zomcats! by Jack Strange. The last …

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Spotlight On Derek Ailes #SummerZombie

by Jay Wilburn Jay Wilburn: Thanks for picking me up. Tell everyone your name … Why are the police chasing us? Derek Ailes: Derek Ailes. And don’t ask any questions. Just hold on. *Hairpin turn* *Tires screaming* Jay: This is an interview. How can I not ask questions? Derek: Oh, right. You can ask those …

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Alumni Post — the Winter of Zombie 2016 tribute to authors of SOZ and WOZ past — Where are they now?!

by Jay Wilburn As of the the end of this tour, Armand Rosamilia will have been doing the zombie tours for over five years now as a host or a featured author. He began with the Summer of Zombie tours and the Winter of Zombie tours have been running almost as long. Some years he …

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