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Alumni Post — the Winter of Zombie 2016 tribute to authors of SOZ and WOZ past — Where are they now?!

by Jay Wilburn As of the the end of this tour, Armand Rosamilia will have been doing the zombie tours for over five years now as a host or a featured author. He began with the Summer of Zombie tours and the Winter of Zombie tours have been running almost as long. Some years he …

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The Case for Jessica Gomez | Winter of Zombie 2016

The Case for Jessica Gomez #WinterZombie

by Jay Wilburn Jessica Gomez started a very personal story of characters struggling to survive a deadly zombie apocalypse in what would become her signature series. Fans that have caught onto what Gomez is putting out there in the genre get hooked. Her writing and her take on zombies and her characters does not lose …

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The Case for JL Koszarek | Winter of Zombie 2016

The Case for JL Koszarek #WinterZombie

by Jay Wilburn JL Koszarek has been working on stories for quite some time before she was ever published and before her partnership with Thad David on Divide Then Conquer The Zombie Company Crusade series which brought them both onto the Winter of Zombie tour. She enjoys working with David on this series because it …

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JL Koszarek | Winter of Zombie 2016

Reading in Order to Write #WinterZombie

by JL Koszarek “The greatest part of a writer’s time is spent in reading, in order to write; a man will turn over half a library to make one book.” —Samuel Johnson September 2nd, 2016 I’m staring at books stacked on the cold stone hearth of my summer rental cabin. Joshua Hood’s Warning Order is …

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Thad David & JL Koszarek | Divide Then Conquer Book 1 | Winter of Zombie 2016

Teaser from Divide The Conquer by Thad David & JL Koszarek #WinterZombie

Check out this teaser from Divide Then Conquer, book 1 of the Zombie Company Crusade and then pick up the book. Divide Then Conquer Teaser by Thad David & JL Koszarek They say it happened suddenly and on the surface, it did. “The Scourge” caught humanity by surprise—an unexpected whip that lashed the weak, took …

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Greg Ferrell | Winter of Zombie 2016

A Day In My Undead Life by Tony the Zombie Chap 11 #WinterZombie

In honor of being a part of this year’s Winter of Zombie blog tour here is a set of short stories written exclusively for the visitors to the tour. These were started back during the Summer of Zombie tour 2015. They’re from the perspective of one Tony the Zombie and his personal gripes against us …

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Jessica Gomez | Winter of Zombie 2016

What is that one thing? #WinterZombie

by Jessica Gomez That’s the question I find myself asking. What is that one thing that you couldn’t live without in a Zombie apocalypses? Last year, I posted about what food you would search the end of the world to have just one more bite. Mine was cheesecake. Delicious. It’s basically the worst dessert you …

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Brice Chandler | Where Fallen Angels Lie | Winter of Zombie 2016

Teaser from Where Fallen Angel Lie by Brice Chandler #WinterZombie

Check out the teaser and then pick up Where Fallen Angel Lie or Whiskey Jack. Preview of: Where Fallen Angels Lie by Brice Chandler They slipped from tree to tree. And now they were stuck – their progress stifled by a lazy zombie, smoldering in the heat. What made them lounge in the scorching sun …

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Alathia Morgan | Winter of Zombie 2016

Violence, Church, and Zombies … Oh, my! #WinterZombie

By Alathia Morgan So this is the trigger warning this post might bother the sensitive or conservative in thoughts or ideals. I did name my blog unique life views for a reason so here goes. I have been watching the The Walking Dead for the first time ever since they had a New Year’s marathon …

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EE Isherwood | Winter of Zombie 2016

Zombies within Zombies #WinterZombie

by EE Isherwood I’m a newcomer to writing books. I hit “go” on my first novel in December 2015, and published my sixth in September 2016. But I’ve been reading post-apocalyptic and zombie literature for decades. That made it easy for me decide the genre I wanted when I first thought about penning my book. …

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