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The Case for JL Koszarek | Winter of Zombie 2016

The Case for JL Koszarek #WinterZombie

by Jay Wilburn JL Koszarek has been working on stories for quite some time before she was ever published and before her partnership with Thad David on Divide Then Conquer The Zombie Company Crusade series which brought them both onto the Winter of Zombie tour. She enjoys working with David on this series because it …

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The Case for Jack Wallen | Winter of Zombie 2016

The Case for Jack Wallen #WinterZombie

by Jay Wilburn Jack Wallen is a fixture in the Summer and Winter of Zombie blog tours. He is also a key player in the zombie genre with his I Zombie series and his ongoing stories in other venues as well. You can check out the case for post for him from last summer to …

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The Case for Armand Rosamilia | Winter of Zombie 2016

The Case for Armand Rosamilia #WinterZombie

by Jay Wilburn Armand Rosamilia is the founder of the Summer and Winter of Zombie blog tours. We are proud and honored that he has agreed to return as a featured author this year with the release of Dying Days 7 in his ongoing extreme zombie series. The new covers for that series form a …

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Black Friday Apocalyptic Gift List #WinterZombie

Welcome back to the Winter of Zombie tour. It is the day after American Thanksgiving. Traditionally, this is the day thankful people with their bellies full of turkey go out to the stores in the dark hours before they open and then trample their competition to get deals on stuff and things. Yikes!!! Some people …

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EE Isherwood | Winter of Zombie 2016

So You Want to Be A Zombie Author? #WinterZombie

by EE Isherwood I wrote my first novel without a lick of sense. I just sketched out 15 or so chapters with a few bullet points and started writing whatever came to mind. I began with a 104-year-old woman fighting off her infected live-in nurse, then I gave her a great-grandson as a helper and …

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Mark Ailes | Winter of Zombie 2016

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse #WinterZombie

by Mark Ailes Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse – The Debate Continues… There are questions that have haunted mankind for centuries including: Existence – Why are we here? Death – Is there an afterlife? After Death – Can mankind survive a zombie apocalypse? Either of these questions have been debated heatedly over the years.  Either of …

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Jack Wallen | Winter of Zombie 2016

Can You Honestly Survive a Zombie Apocalypse? #WinterZombie

by Jack Wallen Could you honestly survive the apocalypse? I spend a good deal of my time dreaming up scenarios surrounded by post-apocalyptic death and destruction. It comes with the territory…being a writer of the dark fantastic that is zombie horror. Because of this, I get one particular question lobbed at me almost daily. Could …

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Armand Rosamilia | Winter of Zombie 2016

Ending A Zombie Series

by Armand Rosamilia My knee-jerk reaction has, up until recently, to not shake the boat. Don’t do anything stupid. Don’t shoot the cash cow or however that saying goes. Don’t stop writing what is making you money. You see, about six years ago I realized I was not only going to keep writing zombie books …

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Rebecca Besser | Winter of Zombie 2016

Weather by Rebecca Besser #WinterZombie

by Rebecca Besser I do know there are some zombie stories that do take the weather role into account, but let’s explore why it’s not mentioned more often. As many of us know, weather can play a huge role in the decomposition of a carcass. So, depending on the region you live in during a …

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Thad David & JL Koszarek | Divide Then Conquer Book 1 | Winter of Zombie 2016

Teaser from Divide The Conquer by Thad David & JL Koszarek #WinterZombie

Check out this teaser from Divide Then Conquer, book 1 of the Zombie Company Crusade and then pick up the book. Divide Then Conquer Teaser by Thad David & JL Koszarek They say it happened suddenly and on the surface, it did. “The Scourge” caught humanity by surprise—an unexpected whip that lashed the weak, took …

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