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Teaser from MAZ: Moms Against Zombies by Alathia Paris Morgan #SummerZombie

“Alathia Paris Morgan brings a different sensibility to writing about zombies. Both her zombie books so far show an amazing range even within the genre itself. No one could write the protagonist story in MAZ exactly like she did, so it is good that she told it.” — Jay Wilburn #CaptainThreeKidneys


Excerpt from MAZ: Moms Against Zombies by Alathia Paris Morgan

“Mom, did I do good at the dentist?” Six year old Nicole asked hoping it meant she would get a treat.

“Yes, dear. Everyone gets a treat this evening at dinner.”

“Even Trevor? He screamed when they were cleaning his teeth.” Nicole asked concerned he might get something he didn’t deserve.

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“Sweetie, Trevor is only two. It was his first visit to the dentist.” I smiled in the rearview mirror at my little guy. “He will do much better next time since he knows what to expect. Won’t you Trev?”

He simply nodded his head around the sippy cup of kool-aid.

The doctor’s complex wasn’t hard to navigate, but suddenly there seemed to be a traffic jam leading out of the area.

Nicole chose that moment to shove her sister, Joy.

“Mom!” Joy exclaimed, holding her elbow. “She pushed me into the car seat again.”

I tried to ignore the situation, but with the suv sitting still in a line waiting to exit, I turned slightly.

“Nicole, keep your hands in your lap and don’t touch your sister.” Holding up a finger to ward off Joy’s protests, I continued, “Nicole, you need to apologize to your sister for hurting her.”

“Girls, we have too much traffic…”

A shrill scream erupted from Nicole’s side of the car. I twisted around to see a face pressed against the window.

I started to lower my window to speak to the person until I noticed the blood covering the side of him/ her. Oh it was definitely a her, I could see the Maryjane shoes and earrings on the normal side of her face when she came closer to my window as she noticed me turn in my seat.

I hated to leave someone in need, but I couldn’t take a chance that whoever had done this to her would find us.

My protective nature took over and I threw the suv into gear, and pulled out into the incoming lane. It was obvious no one was coming into the parking lot in the near future and we needed to get away as quickly as possible.

The suv pulled out with a screech leaving the poor woman stumbling after us in a crazy weaving manner.

Carson, my son was speechless because I never drove like this. I always cautioned him to drive safely to avoid accidents. At the moment I didn’t care who or what was in my way, I was going to get out of the complex in a hurry.

Others seeing my quick exit had followed my example and suddenly the road was filled on both sides with people trying to leave.

I had managed to pull out into a slightly empty space, but realized the holdup was from the cars out on the main roads trying to go somewhere managing to bring everyone to a standstill.

There was no way I was about to be stuck again with three children crying and one scared silent, so I crossed over into the turn area and nudged my way into the neighborhood across the way.

Every neighborhood had a front entrance and at least one back entrance to them. I was betting there would be less traffic on the other side. I didn’t bother with stop signs or going only thirty miles an hour, this was an emergency.

“Mom?” Carson questioned in fear, “What is going on?”

“I’m not sure honey, but we need to get home asap.”

The backseat had gone quiet as the seriousness of the situation sunk in and the children watched in amazement as their mother tore through the neighborhood toward their home.


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