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Jessica Gomez | Immune | Winter of Zombie 2016

Teaser sample from Immune by Jessica Gomez #WinterZombie

Begin the series with Infected by Jessica Gomez. If you like what you read, continue on with Immune. Also check out other work by Jessica Gomez on Amazon.


Excerpt from Immune
by Jessica Gomez

“Shit!” Mason roared, waking me up. “Get down!”

Instead, everyone in the car shot up in their seats. The image that met us was something I wouldn’t soon forget. Still moving easily at forty miles an hour, we slammed into the Infected that appeared in the middle of the road. We skidded sideways, Mason trying to control the car from catching and flipping us. The noise defining. Tires screeching, smelling of burnt rubber. The panicked cries in the car were almost as loud as the pounding of my heart.


Finally, the car came to a complete stop. Heavy breathing filled the silence around us, until a face slammed into my window, teeth snapping against the glass. His face appeared rubber, stretched and tearing apart, showing his teeth through his rotted cheek. His boney fingers joined the frantic pursuit, trying to climb through the window.

“Let’s go!” I shout for Mason to get us the hell out of here.

Through the darkness, I could make out at least six more Infected, not including the one next to my window. The ones we’d hit were all regaining their senses and heading for the car, broken limbs hanging limp at their sides, as they advanced.

Mason turned the car over several times with no luck. “Fuck! It won’t start.” He looked through the rearview mirror at me panicked. Even though we had a gun, our ammo was limited. We’d already fired most of the rounds we brought with us. Not near enough to take out the group surrounding us. Exiting the vehicle was suicide, but was beginning to become our only option.

Luke pulled his gun out. “I have three rounds left.”

A fourth Infected joined in, beating at the windows, painting the glass with its secretions. Gage began to scream, enticing the monsters even further. The longer we waited, our chances of survival dwindled. Glancing at Luke and Mason, they’re coming to the same conclusion. Luke started rustling through the glove box and under the front seat. Pulling out a screw driver from the dash and a crowbar from under the seat. He handed me to screw driver.

“Mason. Get this fucking car started.” Resigned to what we had to do, I prepared to exit the car. “Luke, let’s do this!”

“Ian! Don’t you dare!” Mason yelled at me as I grabbed the handle. Luke moved to follow. Mason’s known me long enough to know that when my mind is made up there is no changing it. What other choice did we have?

Ignoring Mason’s protest, I attempted to open my door. The rest of the group was just now figuring out our plan, kill or be killed, and started shouting all at once. Blocking them out, I move closer, until Rose started clawing onto my back.

“You can’t go out there!” She screamed, heaving on my shirt, trying to keep me in the car.

“We have no other choice!” I yelled back at her. Did she think I wanted to go out there and risk everything again?

“I’m coming too.” Quinn said, moving to exit.

“No!” Luke and I said in unison.

“We don’t have enough weapons.” Luke finished, knowing he didn’t have the experience either.

By this time, all of the Infected had now reached the car. The entire vehicle rocked, the windows covered with blood and slime from their fingers and mouths. I pumped myself up, taking in a few quick breathes. I counted out loud, so Luke could follow my lead.

“One! Two! Three!”


Begin the series with Infected by Jessica Gomez. If you like what you read, continue on with Immune. Also check out other work by Jessica Gomez on Amazon.


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