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Winter of Zombie 2017 Master Schedule

These are all the posts from the 2017 Winter of Zombie blog tour. They will be hyperlinked to the content as we go. Enjoy the tour!!! #WinterZombie

Nov 1

Tour Post:
Welcome to Another Cold, Dead Adventure – WOZ ’17

“Play Too Much” Round Robin Story – Chapter 1

Nov 2

Tour Post:
Zombie Plans Are for Young Healthy Optimists … I Don’t Like My Odds!

Spotlight On Armand Rosamilia

Spotlight On Shawn Chesser

Nov 3

Tour Post:
Waiting on the Bump

Spotlight On Jack Wallen

Spotlight On Lauren Wilson

Nov 4

Tour Post:
The Thin Margin Between Good and Bad Zombie Stories

Spotlight On Ken Stark

Spotlight On Grivante

Jessica Gomez brings us:
“Play Too Much” Round Robin Story – Chapter 2

Nov 5

Tour Post:
The Argument for Short Fiction

Spotlight On Jessica Gomez

Spotlight On Adrienne Lecter

Nov 6

Tour Post:
Selling Your Universe

Spotlight On Rebecca Besser

Spotlight On James Schannep

Nov 7

Tour Post:
Building A Monster

Spotlight On Chris Philbrook

Spotlight On James D Dean

Spotlight On Brent Abell

Nov 8

Jessica Gomez teaser from “Fallen”
a prequel story to the Flash series

Ken Stark blog:
The Many-Zombie-Worlds Interpretation

Adrienne Lecter blog:
Be Prepared! Why Realism and the Zombie Apocalypse Go Well Together

Nov 9

Rebecca Besser teaser from “To Walk the Halls”
found in the Treasured Chests charity anthology

Jack Wallen blog:
The Ebb and Flow of the Zombie Genre

Grivante blog:
Whatchamacallit? … Zombie names

Nov 10

Lauren Wilson teaser from The Walking Dead: The Official Cookbook and Survival Guide
a recipe inspired from the hit TV show and zombie franchise

Chris Philbrook blog:
I Want to Write a New Zombie Novel …

Nov 11

James D Dean teaser from This Dying World: Abandon All Hope
the second book in his exciting new zombie series

Jessica Gomez blog:
What Would I Do if the Zombie Apocalypse Happened at this Moment?

Armand Rosamilia blog:
Dying Days: Ending the Series

Chapter 3 of the Round Robin story “Play Too Much”

Nov 12

Ken Stark Teaser from Stage 3: Alpha
the second book in his Stage 3 series

Shawn Chesser blog:
Missing My Friend, Steve-O

Nov 13

Grivante teaser from The Zee Brothers – Zombie Exterminators: Zombie School Lockdown
from his ongoing Zee Brothers series

Brent Abell blog:
Someone Else’s Sandbox

James Schannep blog:
Does Violence in Fiction Trigger Real Life Violence?

Nov 14

Chris Philbrook teaser from The Shed
the latest book from his celebrated Andrian’s Undead Diary series

Jack Wallen blog:
The Evolution of Zombie Radio

Round Robin Story “Play Too Much” chap 4

Nov 15

Adrienne Lecter teaser from Affliction
the latest from the popular Green Fields series

Rebecca Besser blog:

Nov 16

Armand Rosamilia teaser from Dying Days 9
the final book from his pivotal extreme zombie series

Shawn Chesser blog:
Seven Stages of a Chesser Novel

Nov 17

James Schannep teaser from Pathogens: Who Will Survive the Zombie Apocalypse
the latest in his Click Your Poison series of Choose Your Own Adventure style books.

Brent Abell blog:
The Zombie Blessing

Nov 18

Armand Rosamilia blog:
Dying Days: Thanks to the Readers

Grivante blog:
Zombies Are Alive and Well

Round Robin story “Play Too Much” chapter 5

Nov 19

Jack Wallen teaser from “Five Days and a Coke Binge Ago”
found in the Middletown 3: Metal Apocalypse anthology

Chris Philbrook blog:
In this issue of Zombopolitan Magazine … What kind of zompoc reader are you?!

James D Dean blog:
Farm or Costco … Does it Really Matter?

Nov 20

Shawn Chesser teaser from Abyss
the latest in his Surviving the Zombie Apocolypse series

Lauren Wilson blog:
How a Zombie Nerd Writes a Cookbook for The Walking Dead

Adrienne Lecter blog:
Why We Love the Underdogs

Nov 21

Brent Abell teaser from Dying Days: Death Sentence
a novel set in the Dying Days universe

Rebecca Besser blog:
Be Prepared

James Schannep blog:
Why Do We Love Zombies?

Nov 22

Jessica Gomez rough draft bonus teaser from Evolved
the forthcoming third book in her Flash series

Ken Stark blog:
Zombies and Vampires and Drunks, Oh My!

James D Dean blog:
Trust and Zombies

Nov 23


Nov 24

Your Official Winter of Zombie Black Friday Shopping List. Order Now!

Round Robin story “Play Too Much” chapter 6

Nov 25

The Case for Jack Wallen

The Case for Jessica Gomez

The Case for Grivante

Nov 26

The Case for Chris Philbrook

The Case for Shawn Chesser

Nov 27

The Case for James D Dean

The Case for Brent Abell

The Case for Adrienne Lecter

Nov 28

The Case for Rebecca Besser

The Case for Lauren Wilson

The Case for James Schannep

Nov 29

The Case for Armand Rosamilia

The Case for Ken Stark

Nov 30

Tour Post:
Shambling Off into the Cold Darkness to Raise More Dead

“Play Too Much” Round Robin Story – Final Chapter!!!

Alumni Post: Authors of WOZ and SOZ tours past
Where are they now?

Bonus Posts:

Join the Summer of Zombie 2018 Event Page Early!

Bonus teaser from FOR WHOM THE REAPER TOLLS by Jack Wallen

Bonus teaser from “Night She Missed the Rock Show” by Jay Wilburn
in Middletown 3: Metal Apocalypse

Thank you for joining us for the tour. Pick up a few books to support these great authors.

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Jay Wilburn
Jay Wilburn has a Masters Degree in Education that goes mostly unused since he quit teaching to write about zombies. Jay writes horror because he tends to find the light by facing down the darkness. He finds the journey through life easier by having you join him. Jay is the author of 2 series: The Dead Song Legend and The Great Interruption. He cowrote The Enemy Held Near with Armand Rosamilia. You can also find Jay's work in Best Horror of the Year volume 5 and Dark Moon Digest. Each year Jay has the pleasure of featuring many great authors in the genre through the Summer and Winter of Zombie blog tours on his website.

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