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The Great Interruption Book 1: Leap Year


The Great Interruption book 1: Leap Year is an apocalyptic coming of age series by Jay Wilburn. This listing is for a signed copy.

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Katie’s family is pulled apart by an unexpected disappearance. As time goes on, it becomes apparent that these vanishings are more widespread and devastating than anyone could have realized. By the time people begin to understand what is going on, it may be too late. The Great Interruption follows Katie’s fight to survive before, during, and after the vanishings. As she becomes used to surviving alone, they all begin to return … The Great Interruption tells the story of a different sort of apocalyptic tale in which the world changes right out from under us. Katie learns that the world she grew up in and the family she once knew may be things she will never be able to return to even as all the others start to reappear just as she remembered them. Jay Wilburn is the author of The Great Interruption, The Dead Song Legend, and The Enemy Held Near. He weaves tales of characters with depth and dimension in worlds that are real and visceral. Let yourself be lost in the world of The Great Interruption.

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