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The Enemy Held Near

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Foster and Ruthie Turner tried to save each other, their marriage, and their family. Every house is haunted with the past of the people who live there. When one tries to stay and the other tries to leave, everyone will face the dire consequences of both those choices. Armand Rosamilia and Jay Wilburn have crafted an emotional haunted house story that cuts deep and true to the realities of trying to make family work. The Enemy Held Near is a haunting which mirrors the struggle of a relationship coming apart. Everyone carries with them the ghosts of their past. Every family carries the baggage of history which always goes deeper than anyone can imagine. Foster and Ruthie must find a way to survive the home they have built for themselves even if they can’t do so together. We are all haunted.

2 reviews for The Enemy Held Near

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Pheobe Petenstein Jackson

    Best Ghost Story I have read in a very long, long time.
    Format: Kindle Edition

    The Enemy held near By Jay Wilburn and Armand Rosamilia was THE best ghost story I have had the pleasure of reading in a very long, long time.
    It is a story about the Turner family Foster, his wife Ruthie daughters Maggie & Heather as well as his family’s home , a homage to the generations that have gone before, and still influence the dynamics of daily family life.

    Things were ok for a while, yet Ruthie never felt like she belonged there and the manifestations and interferences has left Ruthie wanting to take her family and flee that wretched house and the souls that meddled in the livings affairs. And flee she would with or without Foster.

    Foster and his older girls Heather could see the spirits that dwelled in and around the property, they could interact with them if they so pleased. At times the spirits could temporarily control the living to find a means to their wishes and the outcome the Family of past generations required. Some people were easily controlled, while others would need to be inebriated or other wise impaired to be processed. The unfortunate victims did not have to be family and nor were all the spirits confined to the house and yard. A few of the victims are as followed. Melinda Goshen Social Worker from Child Services Dept. The foster father of the safe house Frank who were looking after The Walter kids. Xabda her real name was Sylvia Parker and she was one of Ruthie’s nosy ,pill popping ,alcohol drinking neighbors in the trailer park. That becomes a bigger part of the story.

    One of the more prominent and out going ghost is Uncle Duke. Uncle Duke raised Foster after his parents were killed. Sounds like he was a pretty stringent disciplinarian. You go through most of the book wondering if he is a malevolent spirit or if he is trying to protect Foster and his family from the wrath of the others, so he is just trying to head off conflict and help them to keep with the family’s rules.

    Armand Rosamilia and Jay Wilburn masterfully orchestrated this collaboration. It reads like an updated “Outer Limits story” with more twist and turns than the beloved show could have ever dreamt of doing . The story line was voluptuous the characters were fascinating and the events were realistic. We have a family struggling with daily life and the supernatural, they love each other and would give their lives for their kids, yet one feels he has to stay and the other can’t stand the thought of staying in that house one more second. No one is right or wrong here. “For every action there is a equal or greater reaction.” Those were the words that played through my mind while reading this book. There is no wrong or right answer, there is only the struggle and action with a consequence, It comes down to what can you live with? Leave or stay you will die eventually the how is the tricky part. Or forsake and denounce your love for the ones you love to hopefully protect them.

    Bravo Guys! This is an epic story. I urge anyone who likes to peek on the dark side to read it. After reading the book, I had to think of what I wanted to say about it. It was that good!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    A story with a “killer” family history
    Format: Kindle Edition

    The story is told through multiple viewpoints- the Turner family, Melinda Goshen and Xandra. Through various experiences, they all wind up at the ancestral Turner family home.

    Melinda and Xandra are expendable, but the ghosts of the Turner family want Foster to keep Ruthie and their girls in the home. Family must stay together you see.

    Not everyone has been able to stay together though. Foster’s parents died and he was raised by Uncle Duke. Uncle Duke tries to control things throughout most of the story, but even he can see the family’s history can’t continue.

    Ruthie is focused on escaping the Turner home with her daughters. Due to her past, she might have been seen as easy to control to keep around, but inner strength is enough to conquer most demons.

    Maggie is able to see the family ghosts while Heather is just a teenager.

    The family’s killer history comes to a head, just not in the way anyone really wanted. Prices are paid and now they must remain hidden.

    There are so many twists and turns, you really have to read the story in one sitting to make sure you’re keeping it all straight. Thankfully the story is so engaging, that’s not an issue.


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