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A Brief Survival Guide — S. K. Gregory #SummerZombie

by S. K. Gregory

There have been many trends in fiction in recent years, the biggest one being vampires, but it would appear that with the popularity of the Walking Dead and similar shows, zombies remain one of the top choices for horror readers. So why is this?

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I think we all have a secret zombie action plan just in case the dead do rise. Perhaps you have a cache of weapons at the ready or you know how to live off the land. Or maybe you are adept at building weapons out of old tin cans and rope.

Studies show that you are more likely to survive if you head into the mountains and rural areas in the event of an outbreak. It makes sense as highly populated areas would be overrun with zombies in a matter of days, maybe even hours.

Knowing how to live off the land would come in handy as grocery stores would be emptied quickly. (Look at how people react when a store is closed for one day!)

Once you head to higher ground, and hopefully find shelter, it would be wise to set up an early warning system. Zombies are not known for their stealth so a trip wire, attached to something that makes noise, would be a good thing to set up.

Guns make a lot of noise and could attract more zombies to you. Perhaps it’s time to take up archery or learn how to throw knives?

Make sure your new ‘home’ is close to a water source and hopefully hard to find. With a little luck you can wait out the zombie apocalypse and avoid being eaten or turned into one of the undead.

What survival tips would you add to the list?

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  1. Joan MacLeod says:

    Make sure you brush up on medical knowledge and medicines also head to a pharmacy to load up supplies or better yet have a nurse or doctor with you.

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