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The Case for Jessica Gomez | Winter of Zombie 2016

The Case for Jessica Gomez #WinterZombie

by Jay Wilburn

Jessica Gomez started a very personal story of characters struggling to survive a deadly zombie apocalypse in what would become her signature series. Fans that have caught onto what Gomez is putting out there in the genre get hooked. Her writing and her take on zombies and her characters does not lose readers once she has them. I think that fact makes her books something powerful to feature for zombie fans.


You can see for yourself why this series and author are featured by beginning with Infected and then moving straight into her featured work for this tour, the second in the series, Immune. The series opens on Lillie with a new baby. The situation in a deadly world requires a new family which leads to James. From there, the drive for connection and family led to more characters and more complex relationships. The story has really done amazing things in just two books so far. This is a good time to jump into her series early.

The new characters are gradually redefining the series and there seems to be a set up in the works for some very interesting things for these characters in the future. Not every dynamic and reunion has been completely positive and this adds some great depth to the characters and the story.

Her mutation take on the zombie concept has played out in interesting ways. I don’t want to give away any secrets, but she has succeeded in putting her own twist on some old ideas for her story. In some ways, her zombie action is subdued compared to some other series. There is still plenty of danger, blood, and guts, but she has a different tone and touch to what she is doing with this series.

Much of her early influence and draw to the zombie genre came through movies. She watched any zombie flick she could get her hands on. She’s read the books as well and more so since she has become established as a writer in the genre herself. She’s a big fan of The Walking Dead franchise. Her favorite thing in a zombie book is to find new takes on the genre from skilled writers. She enjoys the Summer and Winter of Zombie tours every year for that reason.


I hope I have made the case for Jessica Gomez. Begin her series with Infected and then move straight into book 2 Immune.


Jay Wilburn - Dead Song Legend Series

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Jay Wilburn has a Masters Degree in Education that goes mostly unused since he quit teaching to write about zombies. Jay writes horror because he tends to find the light by facing down the darkness. He finds the journey through life easier by having you join him. Jay is the author of 2 series: The Dead Song Legend and The Great Interruption. He cowrote The Enemy Held Near with Armand Rosamilia. You can also find Jay's work in Best Horror of the Year volume 5 and Dark Moon Digest. Each year Jay has the pleasure of featuring many great authors in the genre through the Summer and Winter of Zombie blog tours on his website.

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