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The Case for Rebecca Besser #SummerZombie

by Jay Wilburn

Rebecca Besser has a catalog of great zombie and horror work as well as some work which reaches outside those set genre. Nurse Blood is an amazing book worthy of checking out. Her latest Re-Civilize book is Elaine. This follows the book about Chad which did a lot to establish this world and the amazing characters Besser populates it with.

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I asked Besser’s thoughts on how the new series was shaping up with the release of the second book. She says, considering that Chad, from Book 1, wasn’t out in the world in any way when the Zpoc hit, this new book with Elaine expands on the events of the outbreak. Elaine is at her high school when all hell breaks loose, so she has to deal with things right away, and up close and personal.

Her approach with this zombie series is to tell each character’s story until they find themselves together. This will allow the readers to know where all the characters are coming from before they get down and dirty with trying to handle zombies on a large scale to re-civilize the world for humans to live in. This will be huge, I can tell. She said, imagine an army of humans that are immune to the zombie virus, going out and trying to clear areas for settlements and get the necessary equipment and supplies to help those not immune survive. They are going to be elite zombie fighting bad asses, Besser declares.

I asked her about her inspiration for this series and other varying topics she tackles in her work. Besser likes to take inspiration from everywhere she can. There has been so much already done with the zombie genre, but, she believes, so much more that could be done. She feels as a writer she needs to keep an open mind about all kinds of story ideas and cross-genre mashups. Her main goal is to entertain the readers in a new way that will excite them and make them want more. And, to be honest, she explains, she wants to write stuff that makes her excited to write more.

I pressed her for what was in store for her and her readers coming up. She’s been invited to participate in Middletown 3 and has accepted. I’m really excited to see what she creates with that great anthology series doing great new things with zombies. So, that’s on the front burner for her. She’s going to have Book 3 of Re-Civilize out in the fall of 2017. Besser is still working on some other random novels in the background. She says baby goat pics will be a big part of the future for those who follow her because her son is breeding pygmy goats. Expect baby goats in her newsfeed in the near future.

Besser pic cover Re-Civilize Cover Elaine

I hope I have made the case for Rebecca Besser. In addition to all her other great work, check out the books from Re-Civilize, Chad and Elaine. If you want to know more, also check out this case for Rebecca Besser from the previous tour.

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