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The Case for TJ Weeks #SummerZombie

by Jay Wilburn

T. J. Weeks has built quite a following around his writing even before the Horror Squad series drew a larger audience to those books and to himself as a writer. His desire and commitment to write an engaging zombie story and series began about 2015 when several of his fans suggested it. At that point, he could not get the idea out of his head until he wrote it. He had dabbled in zombies before with Gnawing Bone, but had never done a series. Weeks says he thought it would be fun to add in the fans who asked me to do it. So far, he says it’s been a blast. When I asked him about how he has built such a big and loyal audience, Weeks seemed surprised I thought he had accomplished such a thing. Weeks stays active online, interacting with fans and readers He says he just enjoys writing and tries to create the best stories he can. That may be the secret then.

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Weeks has done a number of interesting collaborations. He’s always enjoyed writing. When asked about future collaborations, he says he’s been approached by several authors on doing projects which seem like they would be fun. Working with his wife Kris has always been the easiest and most rewarding of these collaborations because she’s always there and supportive, so they can bounce ideas off each other as they work. He’s written a number of solo books which are very good and he still enjoys that very much.

Weeks has a unique voice and rhythm to his signature series. As he approaches each book, he admits he kind of makes it up as he goes. Weeks has tried doing outlines and story plots before, but the books always take a wild curve. He prefers to let the stories and characters choose their own directions and he feels that makes the best possible story for readers His main tool in making an interesting story is to provide misdirection. Weeks loves mixing in twists. His goal and his hope with every story is that readers get the feeling of intense, edge of their seat, fear and eventually relief with a satisfying ending.

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I hope I have made the case for T. J. Weeks. Check out Horror Squad 3 or begin this awesome zombie adventure with the first book for free now.

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