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Summer of Zombie 2017 Blog Tour Master Schedule #SummerZombie

We have lots of great things in store this year for Summer of Zombie 2017. #SummerZombie

June 1st

Welcome to the tour!
“A Great Year to Return from the Dead”

“The Rest of the Mission”
The first two chapters of the round robin story written by the featured authors.

June 2nd

Tour post
“The New Kids on the Scene”

Spotlight On Armand Rosamilia

Spotlight On Chuck Buda

June 3rd

Tour Post
“Life on Both Sides of a Story”

Spotlight On S. K. Gregory

Spotlight On T. J. Weeks

June 4th

Tour Post
“Heroes of Their Own Stories”

Spotlight On Jack Wallen

Spotlight On Ricky Fleet

“The Rest of the Mission”
The next chapter of the ongoing round robin story

June 5th

Tour Post
“Stupid Choices”

Spotlight On Brent Abell

Spotlight On Peter Welmerink

June 6th

Tour Post
“The Page Space in a Series”

Spotlight On Derek Ailes

Spotlight On Rebecca Besser

Spotlight On Angela B Chrysler

June 7th

Tour Post
“Use the Stage”

Spotlight On Mark Cusco Ailes

Spotlight On Eric A Shelman

Spotlight On Alathia Paris Morgan

June 8th

Alathia Paris Morgan Post
“Zombies: Flesh and Guts and Ewwww”

Chuck Buda Teaser from Caged 3

June 9th

Rebecca Besser Post
“Be All You Can Be As A Zombie”

S. K. Gregory teaser from Before

June 10th

Derek Ailes Post
“The Era of Zombie Parodies Is Here”

T. J. Weeks teaser from The Horror Squad Book 3

Round Robin story Chapter 4
“The Rest of the Mission”

Weeks pic series promo

June 11th

Jack Wallen teaser from ZR3: Zombie Radio 3

Tour Post
“A Practical Guide on How to Properly Stalk Your Favorite Zombie Authors”

Bonus story from host Jay Wilburn
“Lost and Drawn” through If Music Be The Food Project.

June 12th

Eric A Shelman Post
“Dipping Your Toes into Zombies AGAIN!”

Brent Abell teaser from Souther Devils 2: Reconstruction of the Dead

June 13th

S. K. Gregory Post
“A Brief Survival Guide”

Peter Welmerink teaser from A Joe Cross book: Bull

Bonus Story from Jack Wallen
“The Road Home” from the If Music Be The Food Project

June 14th

Armand Rosamilia teaser from Dying Days 8

Tour Post
“A Summer Reading List for the True Zombie Fan”
There will be a quiz when we return to school …

Round Robin story – Chapter 5
“The Rest of the Mission”

June 15th

Mark Cusco Ailes Post
“Dawn of the Dead 1978: When There is No More Room in HELL …”

Ricky Fleet Teaser from Hellspawn Requiem

June 16th

Brent Abell Post
“The Undead in Our Past”

Tour Post
“Fun Facts about the Featured Authors of the Summer of Zombie Tour”
(Warning: Not all facts have been verified by a reliable source
… or any source really.)

June 17th

Jack Wallen Post
“Entertaining the Apocalypse”

Derek Ailes teaser from The Undead Pool: Dawn of Injustice

Welmerink pic extra bull

June 18th

Alathia Paris Morgan teaser from MAZ: Moms Against Zombies

Tour Post
“Video Evidence: The Best Stuff We Could on the Featured Authors Online”

June 19th

Chuck Buda Post
“A Bonus Story from the Zombie Lockup Universe”
part 1 AND part 2 !!!

Eric A Shelman teaser from Emma’s Rose Book 1: The Cave

June 20th

Angela B Chrysler Post
“A review of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies …spoilers”

Rebecca Besser Teaser from Re-Civilize Book 2 – Elaine

Host Jay Wilburn Bonus Teaser from Dead Song Book 4: April

“The Rest of the Mission” chapter 6

June 21st

Ricky Fleet Post
“Bad Ass Killing Machine/ Bad Ass Washing Machine”

Mark Ailes teaser from The Last Stand

June 22nd

Armand Rosamilia Post
“Zombie Fiction … We Ain’t Dead Yet”

Tour Post
“Podcasting the Day Away”
Some of our favorite podcast interviews featuring our SOZ featured authors

June 23rd

T. J. Weeks Post
“A Few Brief Thoughts on the Zombie Genre”

Tour Post
“Find Out Each Featured Author’s Spirit Animal”
We assembled a team of witch doctors, gurus, hippies, and libertarians.
Together they determined each featured author’s animal match
and they argued about free market capitalism.

June 24th

Peter Welmerink Post
“It’s Not All About Zombies Really”

Angela B Chrysler Teaser from Zombies from Space … and Vampires

Host Jay Wilburn Early Draft Bonus Teaser from Dead Song Book 5: May


June 25th

The Case for Chuck Buda

The Case for Alathia Paris Morgan

The Case for Angela B Chrysler

June 26th

The Case for S. K. Gregory

The Case for Eric A Shelman

The Case for T. J. Weeks

June 27th

The Case for Ricky Fleet

The Case for Mark Cusco Ailes

The Case for Brent Abell

June 28th

The Case for Peter Welmerink

The Case for Derek Ailes

The Case for Rebecca Besser

“The Rest of the Mission” Chapter 7
Look for the exciting conclusion on the 30th! 

June 29th

The Case for Armand Rosamilia

The Case for Jack Wallen

Brent Abell Early Preview Teaser from Dying Days: Death Sentence

June 30th

The Farewell Post: Shambling Off into the Sunset

Alumni Post: Where Are They Now?

“The Rest of the Mission”
The final chapter of the round robin story

Bonus posts …

Bonus teaser from Grave Danger by S. K. Gregory

Bonus teaser from Dirty Deeds by Armand Rosamilia

Bonus teaser from Frankenstein Theory by Jack Wallen

Bonus teaser from Curse of the Ancients Son of Earp book 1 by Chuck Buda


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Jay Wilburn has a Masters Degree in Education that goes mostly unused since he quit teaching to write about zombies. Jay writes horror because he tends to find the light by facing down the darkness. He finds the journey through life easier by having you join him. Jay is the author of 2 series: The Dead Song Legend and The Great Interruption. He cowrote The Enemy Held Near with Armand Rosamilia. You can also find Jay's work in Best Horror of the Year volume 5 and Dark Moon Digest. Each year Jay has the pleasure of featuring many great authors in the genre through the Summer and Winter of Zombie blog tours on his website.

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